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Welcome to Season 1 of the AMPRO Clash Series. A year long event calendar of esport leagues, playoffs, community cups, academies, great stories and competitions. Powered by Crit Esports, the tournament organizer of AMPRO S0 in 2021.

Prize Pool

BND $27,500

Tournament Format

Open Qualifiers

  • 128 teams will play in a single elimination bracket. The last 16 teams of the bracket will qualify for the League Stage.

This means only a total of 16 teams will be moving on from the Open Qualifiers.

League Stage
  • 16 teams will be split into group of two (2) where there will be total of 8 Team per group. Only Top 4 of each group will qualify to championship with double elimination format.

Team Member Eligibility
  • Nationality

    Every players participating in ACS S1 must be from the following region/countries only: Brunei, Sarawak, Sabah, and Kalimantan.

    Players must provide valid Identification that proves their residency of the region/countries stated.

  • Player Age

    There is no age limit. However, for players under the age of 16, they must acquire their parents' consent by filling in our Parents Consent Form

Roster Rules
  • Starting Lineups
  • Teams must set their starting roster for their first Match of the day from the roster submitted to the Tournament Operator as follows:

    • Thursday at 4:00PM local time for Thursday Matches.
    • Friday at 4:00PM local time for Friday Matches.
    • Saturday at 4:00PM local time for Saturday Matches.
    • Sunday 4:00PM local time for Sunday Matches.

  • Roster Lock

    Teams participating in ACS S1 may not add or drop players from their roster at any point between League to the championship. Teams are allowed to make player transfers only between the Open Qualifiers and the League Stage. However, this is only granted to teams that still have slots remaining on their roster (i.e 5 Starters and 0 Substitutes)

Team names, team logos and player names

Team Names

  • Team names and logos must only contain English characters, numbers, single space between words only, plus sign (+), minus sign (-), underline (_) and single quotes (‘’).
  • When applying with the the use of any Team names, the Team shall also provide a short name of the contemplated Team name, length is 2-4 characters, which must only contain English characters, numbers, plus sign (+), minus sign (-), underline (_) and single quotes (‘’). Unless otherwise specified by the Team, the MPL official is entitled to use, at its own discretion, the full Team name and/or the short Team name on any occasion.
  • The verification of the images or the names of sponsors are allowed to be shown in Team Logos and Team Names but they cannot be the same as the trademark and the name of the sponsors. Team Logos and Team names cannot use any logo with which exists any copyright issues or any logo with which exists any copyright issues.
  • The ACS official reserves the final right to approve Team names and logos.
  • Any applications regarding changes to Team names or logos must be submitted to the ACS officials in advance, the new name or logo can only be used after obtaining approval. Teams can only apply to change their name during the Transfer Window Period and can only apply to change their Name once within each Transfer Window Period.

Player Names
  • Player names must only contain English characters, numbers or single space between words only. The length should be 4 to 12 characters. Player Names cannot contain a sponsor's name.
  • In case of duplicated names, the player should change the name after consulting the authority.

Common Restrictions
  • No additional special characters will be allowed for Team names, Logos or Player Names (including underscores, slashes, etc.). Team Names, Logos and Player Names may not contain: vulgarities or obscenities; names related to the hero characters in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang or other similar characters; or other contents that may create confusion.

in-game management rules


  • Each Team are allowed 1x Remake per series. Teams may not remake after the 1st creep wave has been cleared. Upon approval of the Referee.
  • All results must be reported to the respective admins right after the match within 10 minutes.
  • Each squad are allowed 3x Pause (2 mins each) per match.

Rules & Regulations

For full understanding of the rules & regulations, please download and read through the official tournament ruleset: