Finals Map Rotation

DAY R1 R2 R3 R4 R5
16th December Erangel Miramar Sanhok Miramar Erangel
17th December Miramar Erangel Sanhok Erangel Miramar
18th December Erangel Miramar Sanhok Miramar Erangel
Round 1 ABCD - Erangel ABCD - Miramar Erangel Miramar
Round 2 ACDE - Miramar ACDE - Erangel Miramar Erangel
Round 3 ABCE - Erangel ABCE - Miramar Erangel Sanhok
Round 4 BCDE - Miramar BCDE - Erangel Sanhok Miramar
Round 5 ABDE - Erangel ABDE - Miramar Erangel Erangel
Round 1 ABCD - Erangel ABCD - Miramar
Round 2 ACDE - Miramar ACDE - Erangel
Round 3 ABCE - Erangel ABCE - Miramar
Round 4 BCDE - Miramar BCDE - Erangel
Round 5 ABDE - Erangel ABDE - Miramar
Round 1 Erangel Miramar
Round 2 Miramar Erangel
Round 3 Erangel Sanhok
Round 4 Sanhok Miramar
Round 5 Erangel Erangel
Week 1 7-8 June 10-11 June
Week 2 14-15 June 17-18 June
Week 3 21-22 June 24-25 June
Week 4 28-29 June 1-2 July




Welcome to Season 1 of the AMPRO Clash Series Grassroot Cup. A year long event calendar of esport leagues, playoffs, community cups, academies, great stories and competitions. Powered by Crit Esports, the tournament organizer of AMPRO S0 in 2021.

Prize Pool

BND $27,500


Game Version

  • The version of PUBG MOBILE used for Tournament Games will be determined by the Tournament Organizer.
Player Accounts
  • Players will use their own online accounts and Gamer Tags for Online Events. All the accounts used by the players will need to have their Game ID be submitted to us by 11 May 2022.
  • Player accounts registered may not be changed until the end of the ACS Season 1. Player accounts are bound to the player and may not be used by other players until the end of the ACS Season 1. If a player loses access to their account, they may request to change their account by contacting the Tournament Organizer. Their request to change is subject to approval by the Tournament Organizer.
  • All the players of a team will need to enter the official ACS Discord by 11 May 2022.
  • All the players in the Discord are to comply with the instructions given by the Organizer.
Game Anti-Cheat Application
  • All players are to download, install and set up the Game Anti-Cheat application as per instructions outlined in section 6.5 of the ACS Player Kit (“Game Anti-Cheat Guide”).
  • All the players that are playing in the tournament matches will need to start up the application and follow the manual of usage outlined in the clause mentioned previously.
  • Any players that fail to set up, or use the Game Anti-Cheat application during the Tournament will be considered in acting unprofessionally as per clause 6.3.10 in the PUBG MOBILE ACS official player kit (“Non- Compliance”) and will be subject to punishment.
Game Lobbies
  • All Tournament Games for ACS will be played in game lobbies hosted by the Tournament Organizer. Prior to a Tournament start time, Teams will be notified of official tournament accounts that will be used to host official Tournament Game lobbies through Discord.
Start of a Game
  • Once all players of each Team have entered the official Tournament Game lobby, an ACS Official assigned to each team will request confirmation from the Team Captains readiness to begin the game. Once each Team Captain confirms readiness, the ACS Officials will instruct the host to start the game.
Timeliness of Game Start
  • It is expected that all Tournament Games will begin at the scheduled time. Any delay caused by issues arising out of a Team Member’s inadequate preparation will be assessed by ACS Officials. Disciplinary action for tardiness may be assessed at the discretion of the Tournament Organizer.
  • The game may start at the time specified by the Organizer without waiting for the tardy players that are not in the lobby. Players are not allowed to enter the lobby after three minutes the organizer announced the start.


General / Game Setup

  • Maps: Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok
  • Game Mode: TPP
  • Team Size: 4 players
  • Roster Size: 6 players (4 Starters and up to 2 Substitute)
  • Number of Teams per Tournament Game: 16
  • Advanced Settings: Only applicable to any rooms that are manually created by Tournament Organizer. Advanced settings are set to default with exceptions lined out (Please refer to the attached Online Ruleset PDF)
  • Flare Gun: Off
  • Red Zone: Off
    • Erangel and Miramar map follows PC Parameters
    • Sanhok Match Parameter set safezone 1 display time to 60s
The Tournament Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the required game or player settings at any time in their sole discretion prior to the start of any Tournament Game. Tournament Devices
  • Tablets or iPads are banned from usage. Trigger clickers, and smartphone settings that mimics the trigger functions (example: ROG Phone II Airtrigger, Nubia Red Magic 3 Air Trigger, and other phones with similar functions) are not allowed to be used.
  • Handheld devices must use the settings specified by the Tournament Organizer prior to the Tournament. During a Tournament Game, players shall not make any adjustment to the framerate without permission from Tournament Organizer.
Tournament Internet
  • Players can choose 4G, 5G, WIFI, wired network and other network connection methods to compete. In the Online Event, players need to take responsibility for their internet. The Tournament Organizer will have test matches, players can report any internet issues during the test matches.
  • Internet speed must be sufficient to both support the tournament gameplay and also the player stream or video cam.
Stoppage of Play
  • Pauses: No pauses will be permitted during Tournament play for any reason.
  • Remaking or Replaying Tournament Games: ACS Officials should be notified of any technical malfunction or other emergency immediately. Tournament Games shall be remade only pursuant to the request of the Tournament Organizer. The Tournament Organizer may remake a Tournament Game under the following circumstances:
    • Situation where the Tournament Organizer thinks that there is an unfair gaming environment.
    • Situation where the Tournament Organizer decides that the game cannot be continued normally due to a technical difficulty. Exceptions include a player's personal mistake, personal Internet connection problem, and
    • Situation where the lobby settings is not following the tournament settings
    • Situation where 1 or more of the players cannot connect to the Tournament Game before the departure of the starting plane; and
    • Additionally, when there is a disconnection like the situations below, there may be a rematch decided by the organizers after at least three reconnect tries.
      • Situation where there is a problem with the devices (phone or broadcasting devices) provided by the organizer
      • Situation where it is impossible to connect due to a problem with game server or host network service.
      • In case of a fire, power outage or an accidental disaster.
Solution for Extreme Cases
  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, if there is an extreme situation, such as a critical bug affecting three or more players, the Tournament Organizer will make a judgement as to how to proceed based on the facts and circumstances existing at the time. There may be circumstances in which a Tournament must proceed, even if three or more players are facing extreme circumstances or critical bugs which might otherwise justify a remake of a Tournament Game and even if the affected players are not at fault in any way.
  • In making a determination to proceed with the Tournament or order the remake of a Tournament Game, ACS Officials will use their best judgement and may consider, among other factors, the game progress time and whether the player making the report delayed in making such a report. Players that submit false or misleading reports will be subject to disqualification for cheating.
  • If a player is unable to compete in a Tournament Game for any reason (even if the inability to compete is not due to any fault or wrongdoing by the player), and ACS Officials decide not to remake the Tournament Game, competition should resume as normal, with the affected Team continuing to play without the affected player. If a player who has been disconnected or has otherwise experienced an extreme circumstance or critical bug is able to rejoin the game in progress, he or shall be permitted to do so.
Rules of No Restart and Score Scheme
  • Rules of No Restart: Games may still be remade after the 3-minute mark, based on exceptional circumstances and as decided by ACS Officials. However, games will not be remade starting from:
    • For Sanhok: 7th circle onwards
    • For Miramar: 7th circle onwards
    • For Erangel: 7th circle onwards
  • Force Majeure Situation: In the case of the event cannot be continued due to force majeure occur, and the following conditions below are fulfilled, the Tournament Organizer will calculate the points according to the scheme stipulated in advance, and will not organize the resumption of the competition:
    • Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok: the competition enters the 7th stage;
    Examples of force majeure situations:
    • Flood, fire, war, terrorist acts, power outages or other disasters that affect the host, causing the room to be ended prematurely while the game is still unfinished.
    • Pandemic situations, or pandemic related Government orders that may affect the ACS Officials, the Organizer and/or the players that will majorly impact the tournament operations that will result in postponement of the event.
    • Players involved with accidental injuries that may result in critical injuries, permanent disability or death. This must be accompanied by a certified professional medical diagnosis or report.
  • Score Scheme for Force Majeure Situations:
    • Remaining Teams: ① Remaining teams obtain the survival points equally; ② Kill points of the game; ③ 1 point per 1 surviving player in a team. Points for that set = ① + ② + ③, with the final points rounded to an integer when it meets a decimal.
    • Eliminated Teams: Points for that set = rank points from elimination + kill points
Game Bugs Compensation Points
  • Possible Compensation Points.
    • In situations where a player/team cannot reconnect to the game or are unable to play the game due to a critical bug, hardware, network or location issue on the Tournament Organizer’s side during a round. Compensation points are only applicable for Online Events.
    • The affected player will need to provide proof of the critical bug affecting their gameplay to the Tournament Organizer and ACS Officials. If the situation is judged by the Tournament Organizer and ACS Officials to be eligible for compensation points, 2 points maximum will be awarded to a player that is affected by the bug as mentioned below.
    • Compensation points are only awarded for a player that has reported the parachute bug affecting them, causing them tobe pulled back up to the sky and gets killed by an enemy team during the second landing, or within 60 seconds upon the second landing.
    • The affected player must report to the ACS Crew within 3 minutes after the character is killed, and submit the recording file of the game screen within 30 minutes after the final match of the day. No compensation points will be granted without the in game recording, unless it can be confirmed in another alternative way. These points will only be awarded if the team or players affected agreed to not remake the game because of this bug before the 3 minutes in game timer is up.
  • Non-Compensated Scenarios.
    • If the problem is caused by the player’s personal device or player’s Internet.
    • If the problem is solved and the player is able to participate and end the round normally.
    • Circumstances under which a player intentionally caused a problem. If found with evidence, the player will be immediately punished according to the sanctions stated in clause 6.4 (In the player Handbook)
    • Microphone bug
    • Blackouts that affect the player’s network and device
    • Vehicle bugs
  • All players of the Team that are playing in the ACS Series Season 1 are required to stream their face camera privately or unlisted through any streaming platform that offers a private streaming option. The stream will need to have the audio in it. These stream links are to be submitted to the Tournament Organizer prior to the start of the official Tournament Games. These streams have to be saved and may not be deleted without prior approval from the Tournament Organizer.
  • Streaming Requirements: All players are required to have:
      • Secondary Camera (Phone or Webcam, or other recording device)
      • Microphone
      • Computer/Laptop (optional)
    Players should also ensure that their Internet connection is sufficient to handle both the stream and tournament gameplay.
  • Streaming Guidelines
    • Players are to wear ACS provided T-shirt in the stream
    • Players are not allowed to interact face to face with other people excluding their teammates while the match is ongoing until all the players of the team are eliminated, except for sudden physical emergencies.
    • Eliminated players are not allowed to open the official tournament stream while their team is still in the game.
    • Players have to ensure that their stream has no issues and submit the stream link to ACS Crew before the start of the tournament day.
    • Players are to show their phone screen to the camera when they enter the lobby and are in their respective slot.
    • Players are not allowed to leave the stream until the team is eliminated in that game. If they need to leave the camera, they will need to request approval from the ACS Crew.
  • Stream Setup
    • Players can choose to stream either at their own personal Facebook privately, whitelisting the ACS Crew, or stream at Youtube in unlisted mode, or any other streaming platform that allows private streaming.
    • The camera should be fixed at an angle where the player’s face and tournament device can clearly be seen. In the case of multiple players are in the view of a single camera, ensure all the players can be seen in the stream.
    • Players may be expected to arrange their seating according to the Organizer’s specifications, and are expected to keep the arrangements until the end of the Tournament.

Post-game Process


  • For ACS Season 1, Tournament Organizer will confirm and record all Tournament Game results and point allocations.
Tech Notes
  • Following each Tournament Game, any technical issues occurring regarding the player’s own devices or/and Internet connection will be solely on the player's responsibility to solve. Tournament Organizer will only be assisting for issues that came from Organizer/third party issues, such as but not limited to:
    • PUBG MOBILE server undergoes maintenance, which is not a player's personal Tournament Organizers will make a decision in the best interest of the tournament.
    • Discord server is unavailable to players due to technical issues on their side. Tournament Organizers will provide an alternative solution for communication as it is not a player’s personal
Break Time
  • In cases where breaks between Tournament Games are necessary or deemed to be desirable by the Tournament Organizer, Tournament Organizer will inform Teams of such break time and the next Tournament Game will start promptly at the conclusion of such break time.

Player Equipment & Apparel

Player Equipment

  • Players may participate in Online Events only on mobile phone handheld devices running the Android or the iOS operating systems. Players may not use peripheral devices of any kind without express approval of ACS Officials (including adapters, controllers, Bluetooth keyboards, and mice). Players may not play on tablets, personal computers (PC), consoles, laptops, or any other non- handheld device. Players may not use an emulator to play on a PC or other device that is not a handheld device.
Apparel and Accessories
  • As further described in Section 4 of the General Terms, Team Members shall, during all public-facing Tournaments (including Online Events that are streamed to the public and all Media Events), wear official Team uniforms (including jerseys, jackets, hats and pants). In addition, Team Members are not allowed, during all public-facing Tournaments (including Online Events that are streamed to the public and all Media Events), to wear watches, gloves, and other accessories without prior written approval from the Tournament Organizer.
In Game Apparel
  • After a player leaves the in-game lobby, his or her character must remain fully clothed in the game for the remainder of the match. Clothing exchanges for cosmetic purposes or comic effects are not permitted inside the game.
  • Players will be informed by the Organizer on the In Game Apparel requirements that must be adhered by all players.


  • A Substitute may replace a Starter only between games during Tournament play. During Online Events, all substitutions must be submitted to ACS Officials one day before the actual substitution occurs.
  • The Organizer also reserves the right to notify the participants in any upcoming Tournament of the details of any roster change request that has been submitted by a Team to ACS Officials if such roster change has not been publicly announced.
  • Teams may contact the ACS Officials in case of emergencies that will affect the team participation in ACS Season 1. The ACS Official reserves the right to allow any team to make changes to their lineup based on their request. Any emergency substitutions must be followed by a letter from a professional in charge of relevant fields to prove the said player's emergency situation. We will allow teams to make emergency substitutions during the tournament without first seeing the document proving the state of emergency. By the end of the day, if the ACS officials and the Tournament Organizer did not receive any document to prove the said player’s state of emergency, the points earned by the substitute player will be voided and the team points may be punished further based on the severity of the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the charges/fees when registering for the ACS Season 1?

There are no SIGN UP/REGISTRATION fees upon signing up for the Open Qualifiers.

How do I register for ACS Season 1?

Registration will be done on the website, and will be opened on the 4th of May 2022. Your registration is successful if you received an email with your team details.


Note: For Brunei resident that wish to register for PUBG Mobile, kindly register a account via Pocket as part of registration process.

My registration is successful. Does that mean I automatically compete in the OQ?

No. If you are confirmed to compete in the OQ, the ACS team will contact you on a later date about your registration and your team.

What are the maximum number of slots available for the ACS Season 1?

This season will be open to the first 256 teams that have been contacted by the ACS Team.

Teams who have already registered online will be subjected to a first come first serve basis.

How long is the ACS Season 1?

ACS Season 1 is broken down into 3 stages: Open Qualifiers, League, and Championship Finals.


Open Qualifiers will be a 5 day tournament to determine the 16 teams that will later join with the Top 4 of AMPRO Season 0 Championship  at the League.

The League will take place every Tuesday, Wednesday and with Friday, Sunday (super weekend format)  for a total of 4 weeks to determine the top 16 teams to play in the Championship Finals.

The Championship Finals is a 3 days event that will take place in December. More information will be announced at a later stage.

Can I pull out of the tournament halfway through the League?

No. Any teams that do not finish the League or miss any matches will be penalized and banned from joining any tournament hosted by CRIT Esports.

Can I change my team members during the League?

No. All players must sign a contract with the team and the organizer to bind these players to finish the League. No transfer or changes to the line up is allowed during the Season. Teams are allowed to change players once Season 1 is finished. If any player or team is found to have breached this rule, they will be penalized and banned depending on the scenario.

What happens if I did not register a substitute?

All teams that qualify in League are allowed to sign up 1 or 2 players as their substitute BEFORE the start of the League. This can only be done after the Open Qualifier has finished. Only the players that do not qualify in the League are eligible to be signed by teams that have made it to the League. You can only make additions to the substitution slot and not the starting roster. (Teams must maintain at least 4 players that qualifies from the Open Qualifiers)

I can not make it to the scheduled match, can I request a postponement?

No. The League’s schedule will be shared to the players in advance during the team briefing. League matches will not be changed or postponed in favor of the teams or the players. Teams who can not show up to the scheduled match will be forfeited and given a warning. Accumulated warnings will result in disqualification.

Key Team Statistics

League : Super Weekend Overall

Overall rankings

WWCD Placement Eliminations Total
1 ZONE SQ 2 68 50 118
2 RECKLESS GLORY 0 25 33 58
3 FALLEN SECRET 0 40 31 72
5 PAHLAWAN RANGERS 2 57 63 120
6 PAYUNG MORPHIN 0 10 46 56
7 DYNO G4U 0 61 45 106
8 D’TEAM 3 113 117 230
9 SIGUN GANAS 0 58 54 112
10 18 TALENTED 0 30 46 76
11 ALL STARS 0 72 54 126
12 Atlas Esports 1 25 32 58
13 BWN 0 87 54 141
14 Goodfellas Gaming 3 98 96 194
15 PAHLAWAN ULTRA XI 0 30 44 74
16 X77BN VICIOUS 1 80 39 119

Top Terminators